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101 Cash Advance Uses
#68: Food

More than likely you have heard the expression “life isn’t cheap.” Most can agree that cost of living has sky rocketed over the years. Even being able to afford groceries can be quite a struggle. Food is a necessity in our lives and if your income is just not covering all your expenses, then what can you do? You might not want to pull money out of your savings account, so what are your other options?

A cash advance is fast and easy way to get funds in your hand. If you paycheck isn’t due for another week or two, a cash advance is the perfect solution when you are low on cash.
Signing up for an online cash advance is incredibly convenient. The funds are then deposited into your account by the next possible business day.

It is quite common that you are in a position where you cannot repay the full amount of the advance at your next pay period. Fortunately, cash advances can be repaid in small amounts. In this case your advance will be reissued (also known as “rolled over”) into a new one as many times as you need so you can pay the balance back whenever it’s convenient for you. This may vary depending on your lender.

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